Tricycle Fare Price in The Municipality of Concepcion: A Commuters’ Perspective




Fare Matrix, Tricycle Drivers, Municipality of Concepcion


Objectives: The objective of this study is to evaluate the tricycle fare price in the Municipality of Concepcion from the perspective of commuters. Additionally, the study aims to assess the demographic profile of respondents in terms of age, gender, and socioeconomic status, examine passengers' experiences with tricycle fares, identify problems encountered by passengers regarding tricycle fares, propose recommendations to address prevailing issues, and explore the implications of the study for public administration.


Methods: This study employs a phenomenological qualitative research approach, utilizing discussions and narrative discourses of respondents to explore their experiences with tricycle fares. The research focuses on gathering insights into commuters' perspectives on fare pricing and their encounters with fare-related issues.


Results: The study reveals that tricycle fare pricing in the Municipality of Concepcion exhibits irregularities, with fares often being more expensive than in previous years. Passengers report dissatisfaction with fare inconsistencies and express concerns about the affordability of tricycle transportation. Based on the experiences shared by respondents, it is concluded that implementing a standard fare matrix is necessary to benefit both commuters and drivers.


Conclusion: In conclusion, this study highlights the need for a standardized fare structure for tricycle transportation in the Municipality of Concepcion. By addressing fare irregularities and ensuring fare affordability, public transportation services can better serve the needs of commuters. The findings of this study have implications for public administration, emphasizing the importance of regulatory measures to improve transportation accessibility and affordability for the local community.


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