Restorative Justice Under the Legislation of The Republic of Kosovo




Restorative Justice, Compensation, Kosovar Practice, Legislation of The Republic of Kosovo


Objectives: Restorative justice is also recognized and applied in Kosovo legislation and practice. As a process of involvement in the agreement of the perpetrator and the victim, always with the commitment and support of the mediator, its goal results in the achievement of compensation in relation to the victim. Therefore, its main goal remains the restoration of justice and the elimination of the damage caused as much as possible.


Methods: To achive the state objective in this scientific paper, I will use a legal-normative method, statistical method.


 Result: In addition, we must emphasize that mediation as an alternative procedure for resolving disputes between subjects, namely as an extrajudicial activity, offers the possibility not only of solving the presented problem quickly, but at the same time is a direct contributor of creating a relaxing relationship between the parties involved in this whole process.


Conclusion: In a conclusion restorative justice has a wide application in the legislation in force in the Republic of Kosovo in the criminal field and the application of restorative justice is being implemented more and more, because it is showing a legal effect for many reasons; the parties are not taking much time in solving their cases, the parties are free to choose the mediator and the they are free to decide where the meetings will be held, and the other advantage is that the mediation agreement has the legal force of a judicial decision and produces legal effect and is enforceable


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