Social Media Use by Vietnamese Journalists: Current Status and Solutions




Vietnam, Vietnamese Journalists, Journalists, Social Media


Objective: The objective of this study is to investigate to contribute to more clarity on the current status and solutions of social media use by Vietnamese journalists.


Theoretical Framwork: The study uses a survey research framework to collect detailed data.


Method: Using qualitative and quantitative social research methods this study surveyed 55 Vietnamese journalists from all four media types: print, online, radio, and television.


Results and Discussion: The study found that the majority of Vietnamese journalists use social media, but their use varies in terms of the content they share, their privacy settings, and their use of social media for professional purposes. The results of the survey show that 78.2% of Vietnamese journalists see social media platforms as journalistic tools, while 21.8% do not.


Research Implications: This research is discussed, providing insights into how the results can be applied or influence practices in the field of Journalistic practices.


Originality/value: This study contributes to the literature by highlighting the novelty of Vietnamese journalists' approach to social media in practice (the surveyed group). The study sheds light on the impact of social media communication on journalistic practices. This study contributes to the research and understanding of how Vietnamese journalists use social media platforms in the current context.


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