Reimagining Legal AID Institution Regulation to Enhance Legal Certainty


  • Sinto Adi Prasetyorini
  • Edy Lisdiyono
  • Sri Mulyani
  • Annisa Ghina Savira



Legal Aids Institution, LAIs/LAOs, Regulation, Legal Certainty, Indonesia


Purpose: This research aims to examine the regulations governing the establishment of Legal Aid Institutions (LAIs/LAOs) in Indonesia, with a focus on achieving necessary legal clarity to ensure their effective functioning.


Method: This research employs a prescriptive research method, involving the description of primary and secondary data findings related to the regulations governing LAIs/LAOs establishment in Indonesia. The data are processed and analyzed to derive insights into the current legal framework.


Result and Discussion: The findings indicate that the existing regulations concerning the establishment of LAIs/LAOs in Indonesia lack clarity, particularly regarding the legal entity status utilized. While foundation status predominates, its alignment with Indonesian legal principles requires further consistency. Therefore, this research underscores the need for more transparent and comprehensive reformulation of these regulations.


Implication of the Research: Reforming the regulations governing the establishment of LAIs/LAOs holds significant implications for improving their efficiency and effectiveness. Such reforms can enhance access to justice, protect human rights, and ensure the proper functioning of LAIs/LAOs, thereby contributing to greater legal certainty and benefiting Indonesians in need of legal aid.


Originality/Value: This research contributes to the existing literature by providing insights into the regulatory framework surrounding the establishment of LAIs/LAOs in Indonesia. By highlighting the need for reform and recommending clearer regulations, this study offers practical guidance for policymakers and stakeholders involved in legal aid provision, ultimately advancing the efficacy of legal aid services in Indonesia.


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